10 Reasons Why PHP is Getting Popular Among Web Developers

There are so many scripting languages available to choose for developing applications such as websites, web-apps etc. And when matter comes to development then developers have many platforms to choose such as ASP, JSP, ASPX, CGI, RUBY on Rails, Perl, PHP etc. But its really very hard to spare PHP from the list due to its heavy popularity.

Because it is used for WordPress development and Facebook also utilizes PHP for their website so that’s why PHP gains good popularity and credibility, because nowadays so many popular websites were developed by PHP, and now, PHP comes at great level of success.

Most of time developers learn so many languages to improve or build their skillset, but now, knowledge of PHP becomes the major requirement which developers must have. Knowledge of PHP can help developers to build their career, growth and also it opens new doors of success for them. Here we are trying to describe some benefits of PHP scripting language.

  1. Easy to learn and understandPHP scripting is really becomes one of the easiest development language for the developers to learn and gain new expertise and knowledge also. This is because PHP syntax has some similarities with C and Java. Even if you only know the HTML then you can start as a  developer, because PHP is very easy to understand. All you need to is, just start, because PHP is the first scripting language they can learn and understand easily.
  2. Easily available supportAs a developer you don’t want to “stuck” with a coding issue and don’t want to go anywhere for help and support or even for question answer. Because, PHP is very popular and used scripting language wildely around the world, it’s really easy to find help, support or documentation online regarding PHP. There are so many websites, blogs, forums, PDFs, social media etc. are available to provide good support for PHP coding.
  3. Good level of FreedomWhen compared to other scripting language such as ASPX, the level of Freedom you can is unmatched and superior. Also PHP is open source, so you can use any text editor for PHP coding such as notebook++, jEdit, Emacs, WordPress, Joomla, Bluefish, Notepad, WordPress etc. But if you pick other language like ASPX then you only have to rely on Microsoft Visual Studio. But sometimes it depends upon the needs, especially for coding.
  4. PHP is not OS specificPHP is not OS specific so you can use it on any PC, because its an open source software so it is made for every popular OS around the world. Here is some popular OS which supports PHP.

    • Linux
    • Mac OSX
    • Windows
    • UNIX

  5. Free – get rid to pay for updates, upgrades or license issuesThe most amazing thing is if you’re using PHP then you don’t have to pay nothing for software updates, maintenance or anything else. Tearing down the cost of development is the main goal of every developer or business. If you’re using PHP to code your programs then you can get huge benefit because as compared to other scripting languages like JSP, ASP etc. because it requires paid hosting. PHP is 100% free for everyone, there is no licenses, restrictions or royalty fees included.
  6. Strong Compatibility or IntegrationIf matter comes to integration or compatibility, then PHP is used for so many web applications or purposes and actually it covers over 30% of web, means more than 30% of websites or web based apps are developed in PHP. Such systems like MongoDB, Memcache and Pusher supports PHP integration. Every industry you can think can use PHP like fashion, banks, hospitals, government, ecommerce, arts & crafts and even large corporates.
  7. Framework compatibility or integration supportThe best benefit of PHP is their framework compatibility, PHP is supported by so many prominent frameworks which we are using nowadays regularly, this is the proof of the strength of PHP community. It doesn’t matter, what are you looking for, whether it’s a database access library, session management or code reuse, you’ll find every type of help in PHP for each and every framework that you are using for your web development.

    Some popular PHP frameworks are: –

    • WordPress
    • Zend
    • Aiki
    • Slim
    • Sylex
    • Symphony

  8. Easy to fix problemsWhile you’re developing web applications then there is so many problems you’ve to face and come out of it. But in PHP it is easy to find and fix the problems while developing as compared to other development languages. Because, PHP cleans up and starts over itself at each request. So an issue with one request will not disrupt other.
  9. Object OrientedActually, PHP is capable to call Java and Windows COM objects. It means, you can create custom classes. And other classes can borrow the information from those custom classes which extends the capabilities of PHP even more.
  10. Fast operation/operating speedWell, PHP doesn’t use much system resources to run, that’s why it operates faster than other scripting languages. Hosting of PHP is also very easy and there so so many providers are available for PHP hosting. And you can use PHP with any software and still it won’t compromise with the speed, it still provide same speed and agility or PHP is a stable development language developers working from over the years.
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