3 Must-Have Trust Signals for Ecommerce Conversion Success

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Online shopping is still not much popular in India. People don’t prefer to do a huge amount of shopping online. They prefer offline store over online for buying items like ornaments, clothes, shoes, electronic items and others. In such scenario, how will an online business survive?

Every ecommerce website needs trust signals. With trust signals you can add authenticity and reliability to your portal. This develops trust for your business among visitors. Without trust, you cannot expect good conversion rate. What are those trust signals?

In this article, we will list down three must-have trust signals for ecommerce conversion success. You should have the below trust signals on your portal to drive conversions.

Before explaining you which are the trust signals, we will highlight the definition of trust signals.

What are trust signals?

Trust signals, are those features and qualities of a website that develop trust in the mind of the customer. Trust encourages a customer to shop from your website In short it makes him a regular visitor.

In case you don’t have trust signals, this will hurt your business/ecommerce website. A famous research shows that 70% of online buyers cancel their transaction due to lack of trust. This results in a huge loss of business.

Most customers say, they decide to buy from a particular website after reading the user reviews, ratings and recommendations. This creates positive impact on the user.

Now that you know the meaning of trust signals, we list down 3 must have trust signals for ecommerce conversions and revenue.

Testimonials and Reviews – What other people say about a particular website, its service and product is one of the most trust-inspiring signals. Hence, customer reviews and testimonials are important. Every ecommerce website must showcase recommendations, reviews and ratings.Customer reviews passes a signal that other customers have made purchase on the portal. So the number of reviews on the website, the more trust-worthy it is considered by the new site visitors. At least, a review is important for every product, if not more.Generally, positive responses/reviews are highly likely to influence a customer’s purchasing decision.

In addition to reviews, giving social proofs is also important. One of the reason is people tend to trust recommendations of friends and family more than any other source. Potential customers generally see how many people +1’d a website, product or service.

Mention contact and communication details – Although you are an online shopping store, people still trust physical locations and communication. Mention contact number and office address on your portal mandatorily.Mention your contact number and address on the website. It is preferably placed in the footer or the website. Some website has a separate page known as ‘Contact Us.’ Other details to be included are full physical address, phone numbers, email address and map. You can also go a step ahead by mentioning how to reach the address – best mode or medium to reach.
Safe payment gateway – When people are ready to spend their hard earned money on a product, they expect safe payment gateway. You should provide reliable payment modes. Give them the feeling that their valuable money is in safe hands. Always send a message saying your payment details won’t be captured, it is completely safe and won’t be saved unless allowed by you.ConclusionYour first goal towards increasing your ecommerce conversion is trust-building. Provide true reviews and recommendations, don’t fool customers, provide contact numbers and correct communication address and give payment assurance.

If your website has all these trust signals, see your business prosper.

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